Gune, cont.

First some comments. The original post was just meant to be a reminder to myself where I left off in some research. If you note the time posted at, you would realize I did this just before work started. So it was nowhere near complete or worth much. However it seems some of my intellectual friends just couldn't help themselves and wrote diatribes in response. Now on to the real work.

I have done further research and feel that my initial looking at 1 Tim was a deadend. By the way in case you were wondering, this was meant to further flesh out in my own mind the position of women in ministry.

I have read the N. T. Wright paper that Julie referenced in women in ministry. I also read the diatribes that were posted in response to my original note. While it has solidified my recent conversion to support women in ministry, it has also made two other topics come up.

The first is simple and should be applied to all (male or female) while it was directed towards women originally. That is the 1 Cor 14:34 verse. We should speak up only to participate fully in the service. If we are not participating to the group, we should remain quiet and not be a distraction to the others.

The second is the whole set of verses regarding heads being covered or not covered in 1 Cor 11.I believe this to be setting a cultural standard for those that participate in worship. While I don't believe we should adopt that culture's standards we should have a standard that is relevant to our culture. According to the notes I have read it appears to be mandating that men be men and women be women, fully appreciating the gender we were created as. What that standard is for today, I don't know yet.


Blogger Mike Clawson stated ...

Sorry you thought we were diatribing. I definitely value your thoughts and your willingness to pursue these questions. Honestly I just wanted to suggest a few possibilities and thoughts that might help you in your research. Most of it was just thinking out loud. I haven't formulated any firm opinions about the interpretation of any of these texts. I was just throwing out random possibilities. I'm still working through these issues myself as well.



commented at February 21, 2006 8:53 PM  
Blogger Charlotte Wyncoop stated ...

As one offering distracting asides during church, I appreciate the point you are making.

It does distract both of us, as well as others, and I will work on it.

I do a lot of my thinking out loud, processing thoughts as I speak, so it's hard to keep quiet. However, proverbs points out over and over that the wise man keeps his mouth shut and I do want to increase in wisdom. Fortunately, the following verse has a remedy, a ray of hope for us talkers, we're supposed to discuss it with our spouse when we get home.

So, if I shut up during church, will you listen to me after church?

commented at February 21, 2006 9:01 PM  

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