Healthy Reproducing Churches Conference

Drove to Urbana to attend the conference. Had a good worship time and one session this evening. The one key point for me tonight was the whole topic and importance of Discipleship over the Church.

What is a Disciple? Not just Jesus in the American dream.

Church - Not having a mission, but being the mission.

Discipleship has become a lost art and ancillary. Thought: Could the resurface of this relate to the end of the church age that some have mentioned.

Dallas Willard in "Divine Conspiracy" states that discipleship is the elephant in the room.

If our church did not exist, would anyone miss it except our members?

When have I been strongest "in the zone" as a Christian?

Personal Zone Elements: Communion, Transparent Connection & Glocal Impact

Community Zone Elements: Mutiplication, Community Development, Nation Building