Roe v Wade

Trying to figure out how this could be brought down. I usually argue on this topic from the standpoint that I am Pro-Choice and Pro-Life. Most cases are such that it is done for convenience to remove an undesired result of willing choices made to have sex. I always leave out rape and cases where it is truly one life or the other, as these are too grey and compassion must be allowed. However, my hope is that we could move to a point where we could support these women in such a way that they would choose life as well. I know my idea will seem harsh, but I think this may be a position that requires tough love to be used.

Basic idea to date:

1) Charge an abortionist with murder for hire.
2) Support charge by using cases where woman willingly chose to have sex.
   a) No rape reported.
   b) Woman's life was not in danger.
   c) Was any protection used?

This is just something popping around in my head. Not even sure it could be done. We must love the women no matter their choice, but that doesn't mean we condone the choice. Also our society as a whole needs to get back to accepting the consequences of decisions we make. In this case, I mean that the decision to participate could result in the undesired result, hence choose abstinence.


Blogger Syd stated ...

You are on the correct track. Under support for the murder charge, don't forget the botched abortions that result in serious harm and/or death of the women.

No one wins in the abortion matter except the doctor who collects his fee no matter the outcome.

commented at February 26, 2006 9:36 PM  

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