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Just had a thought as I was listening to a broadcast today about David and the Psalms. In the particular Psalm that was mentioned, David was repeatedly talking about worship to God in the morning. The question is: What impact would it have if we gave God the first tenth (tithe) of our day?


Blogger Charlotte Wyncoop stated ...

The first tenth of the day, hmmm...

I get up at 7 with the kids and go to bed at 10 with you. The kids are in bed at 9. They only occasionally have simultaneous naps, so time with God by myself wouldn't be possible unless I get up earlier. A possibility. However, time with God with the kids would be better because it would model for them what our relationship with God looks like. If we had "God time" in the morning when we wake up: prayer, bible reading, worship, or other focused on God activities, we'd establish a pattern for them that would help them the rest of their lives.
The tyranny of the urgent is one of the biggest idols of our suburban lifestyle. If we want to overcome this idolatry and have our children be successful at this, this could be an avenue to pursue.
Thanks for bringing up the subject!

Any other ideas?

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