My wife made a comment to me regarding my use of diatribe and you seemed to have the same impression so I had to double check if I was using it correctly. According to Merriam Webster:

Main Entry: di·a·tribe
Pronunciation: 'dI-&-"trIb
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin diatriba, from Greek diatribE pastime, discourse, from diatribein to spend (time), wear away, from dia- + tribein to rub -- more at THROW
1 archaic : a prolonged discourse
2 : a bitter and abusive speech or writing
3 : ironical or satirical criticism

I was correct in the use of the word with definition 1. If you thought I was using it in either definition 2 (as my wife was) or 3, then I am sorry for any offense as I meant none (other than sometimes you all can be toooo intellectual).


Blogger Mike Clawson stated ...

Thanks for the clarification. No offense taken. I'm glad to hear that none was taken on your part. :)

commented at February 23, 2006 1:57 AM  

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