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Convention Pick Will Add 'Wildcard' to Presidential Race!

Lancaster, Pa/ September 17, 2007 - The Constitution Party, thefastest-growing and largest third party based on voter registration(Ballot Access News ) will nominate a presidential candidate at itsNational Convention in Kansas City, MO, April 22-27, 2008.

"There is little appreciable difference between the two parties thatcontrol government. Voters seeking a return to limited, constitutionalgovernment would not have a choice in November if one of the so-called'front runners' receives the Republican nomination. With the exceptionof Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) - who has been ignored by his party -, we have'Tweedle Dee' and 'Tweedle Dum' candidates once again," Clymer added.

A recent Zogby poll (http://zogby.com/news/ReadNews.dbm?ID=1332) showsAmericans are leaning toward third party options.

The selection of Kansas City for the nominating convention was made inlight of the Constitution Party's stated opposition to the proposedNAFTA Superhighway/Railway (http://www.constitutionparty.com/news.php?aid=387) which is planned tostretch from Mexico to Canada through a 'SmartPort' (http://www.kcsmartport.com/ <http://www.kcsmartport.com/> ) based inKansas City. The Kansas City SmartPort website notes: ''Kansas Cityoffers the opportunity for sealed cargo... to travel toMexican...cities... streamlining shipments from Asia to cut ... laborcosts..."

"The United States does not need more cheap imports from China or morelongshoremen out of work", Clymer pointed out.

Among the convention speakers the Constitution Party anticipatesinviting is Party member and New York Times best-selling author JeromeCorsi, Ph.D. Dr. Corsi, who is a frequent speaker at Constitution Partyevents, would likely speak about his latest best-seller The Late, GreatUSA-the Coming Merger with Mexico and Canada. Corsi regularly speaks andwrites about the potentially devastating effects of the NAFTASuperhighway and the push to merge the sovereign nations of NorthAmerica into one.

The Constitution Party convention announcement comes in the wake of thenation's largest Hispanic rights group, La Raza, warning it may cancelits 2009 convention in Kansas City. The cancellation was threatenedbecause a Kansas City park board member belongs to the border-securitygroup The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (http://minutemanhq.com/hq/).
"In keeping with the Constitution Party's stated support for secureborders and the dedicated work of the Minutemen (http://www.constitutionparty.com/news.php?aid=195) to enforce lawsignored by our government, we look forward to choosing a presidentialcandidate in Kansas City", Clymer stated.


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