Ethics & Morality, cont.

Mike stated:
For example, honesty and truth-telling is an important moral principle, but there are times when the principle to love and care for those in need supercedes honesty. The example of someone hiding Jews from the Nazis is the prime example of this. Is it immoral to lie to the Nazis in order to protect those Jews, or are we in fact morally required to lie in order to carry out the command to love our neighbors and defend the oppressed?

I don't want to sound as a loveless bastard, but maybe there is more to this. What if we were meant to fight Nazi-ism directly but not lie and hide the Jews. Wouldn't God care and protect them according to His plan? Didn't God ask us to lay down our lives for Him? I know that I don't feel the full weight of that sitting here in my comfortable house with the many freedoms we have.

That leads into something that I have realized about emergent or post-modernism. I have not seen much reference to the evil in the world. More later, I gotta get going to work.


Blogger Julie stated ...

interesting post - just a couple of thoughts...
on the hiding jews/fighting thing. why would it be out of God's plan to hide the Jews and lie? that strategy was used quite effectivly in the exodus story with the hebrew midwives lying to the egyption soldiers and we are told God blessed them for it. And when Rahab lied about hiding the men in jericho and she was placed in the line of David/Christ. when given the choice to save lives by lying or to save lives by killing - I would choose lying every time...

also curious why you don't think emergent addresses evil in the world? I personally feel like we address that all the time, so just curious about your thoughts.

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